Kupfavira, a mirror of artistic essence!

 The greatest  tragedy is not death  but life without a meaning and purpose henceforth women in your own stature you are a powerful tool  even without hissing a word. Kumbirai Kupfavira  is a field officer of one the strongest and most remarkable  artistic  , theatre and civil rights organization. She completed her  Honours degree  in… Continue reading Kupfavira, a mirror of artistic essence!


Dudziro Nhengu , Trendsetter!

I am a citizen journalist, writer, community builder and mother to my children. I champion market activism in the open marketplace, mobilizing female informal traders for self empowerment to build their political influence all round. I believe every aspect of a woman's life is highly political, because women work hard everyday to put food on… Continue reading Dudziro Nhengu , Trendsetter!

The Spring Film Festival- ShunguNamutitima!

The Festival – 2015 edition was a myriad of knowledge sharing, skills enhancing, creativity development , cultural and artistic exchange. The festival boasted of forums , skills development and artistic seminars ,outreach screenings , films contests , strong music , spoken word art , funny and pomp, visits to the rural Mukuni Chiefdom , the… Continue reading The Spring Film Festival- ShunguNamutitima!

Diva Crossing Bridges- TSOPOTSA !

I think that whatever your dreams and ambitions are, they need to be embedded in IT. Technology has no boundaries. Look! Businesses are rewriting the rules and you can explore any path anywhere, it's so liberating, learn to collaborate beyond your country's borders. Invest time in developing these skills and a real understanding of how… Continue reading Diva Crossing Bridges- TSOPOTSA !