limassol poet/writer Ifigenia Metochi  inscribes her love epistles on african -rock faces

Poet Ifigenia Metochi is popularizing Cyprus poetry /literatures/writings/cultural arts to across the globe. Her writings are published in journals/magazines/presses in her Limassol writing community , in Cyprus presses and literary reviews abroad. Her social media presence gives her the requisite visibility for a literary practitioner of her calibre. I first met the mesmerizing Metochi with her wonderful solidarity contributions to the Voices of Africa (pan– african- Ihraf based) poetry project that we released with ihraf books in August 2022. Her writings are very simple but they carry a lot of depth, they are thought provoking, mind-titling and nerve- scratching. Her verses of passion are coupled with beat and rhythm of real poetry. English is not her birth language but she gives it her all with a proficiently amazing verbal dexterity and an immeasurable poetic prowess-simplicity and more depth. Poet Metochi is a prolific arts organizer, literary projects administrator, painter and a visual creative. Currently, Metochi curates a global- literary project- Poetry Unites People and Nationsmbizo chirasha.

…..when silence speaks

Are you dreaming?

If not, do it

It is wonderful to know that even in our dreams

a little mermaid is waiting for us there … far … across the sea …

beyond the sun … beyond the foliage …

Let’s enjoy the rest of the ride

Guided by the heart, whatever it is…

Come on, my soul, don’t fool around…

The beautiful things in life,

they hold as much as the rain between our fingers…

The point is not to forget

and we don’t spread out our handful at the right time…

I once said that it is poetry

the power we have within us

and breaks like a wave to those who want to cool off on its shores…

And it is true!

Because the coral-born mermaids of my dreams

singing, moonshine and playing

they scatter gold dust around me…

And here, in my eyes, the calm seas

the storms fade away…

I am on a rock, in the middle of the sea…

Staring at the horizon and traveling with a guide for the day

the seabirds…

voice of africa

With eyes that sing nostalgically and a melodic step

you smiled at me …

as the ‘Sun’ joined the Earth

on a beach with white pebbles …

The one whose name is Love for the world

Mother, Negra

The one that crosses the centuries of sacrifices

Mother, Negra

The one that lullabies me in the nights of light

Mother, Negra

The one that when I am in pain stands up and becomes a bag of patience

Mother, Negra

The one that shines with the happiness of a child

Mother, Negra

She is you

Mother, Negra

Mana with the look of Peace!

Lady of the air

you look like emerald silk

It’s your face like moonlight

Wait a minute

I am begging you

Woman in black

I sing your beauty

Marine nymph hands rocking my heart

Eyes from light


Black silky hair

Lyrical mouth

Body like a deer arched

You, African woman

In the shadow of your hair

my agony

to be illuminated by the neighboring suns

of your eyes …

My Africa …

The toil of your slavery …

You with the proud warriors in the ancestral savannas …

I rediscovered my name by your side

I may not have met you

but your blood flows in my veins hot …

and your laughter like a flame penetrates the shadows …

My Africa

I won again near you

the memory of my blood

the laugh

and the days that shine

reborn joys …

 …………….only free people are capable of love

Tonight, my sergiani soul, I will shine you in the moon. Barefoot to walk on the other side… There in the dark to trace, lost lives, forgotten lovers, unborn loves, passionate-betrayed loves, empty prisoners, extinguished stars, guilty false oaths…

In secret lairs of the moon, seek to find wine of oblivion to drink, in a sweet drunkenness, to fall asleep… And if your sweet revel happens to meet you at dawn

keep your head up, my soul… Farewell to the East… tell her if she asks you,

I’m a “passer” in life…

It was September then…

I remember it very well. I must not be wrong. Back then, little dreamers, we were looking for an oasis, a friend, a hug, a little laugh, a lot of love, things so precious yet offered for free.

In the garden the roses continue to bloom, they are happy and enjoying life. You; Why don’t you do the same now? Like when we were “limping” – remember? the rose bushes and we covered the earth with buds.

You didn’t always agree. You used to argue with me sometimes. If you love a flower, you used to say, then don’t cut it. Because if you cut it, what you loved will die with it. It took me so many years to understand that love is not about possessing, but about appreciating.

A small, but very small, bird, which you can barely make out, came and sat on the gluttonous bougainvillea shoot. It looks like a joke, but it’s not. He feels so confident, not that the branch is so strong that it won’t break, but in his wings.

At the bottom of the horizon, in a cloud with fleeting flashes of a primordial fire, colors pile up and sink slowly – slowly into the sea. It’s September again. We don’t stop dreaming even with dreams of past sustainability.

Everyone hides a magic inside… Some call it a miracle, others a talent and others a gift…

I simply call it passion for “life”, passion for what you “LOVE”!!!

Be free…Feel free…

To believe in your freedom… To fight to keep it.

To fight to maintain her… To win her with your sword.

Make whatever sacrifices are necessary to keep her.

Don’t hesitate for a moment to go to the extremes and even go beyond them to get her

get closer if you are far away from her.


If you are born with freedom in you then just go with it.

If your freedom is at the bottom and you are at the top, do not hesitate to fall to be near it, even if you are killed by the fall.

May your choices always be yours.

Pay for them.

Never regret them.

This means “freedom”!!!!

Freedom must be like a tame wolf !!!

A wolf that will not rush to devour each one,

but she will defend every little bit of her tooth and nail when the time comes

which will be attacked.

Although when this wolf loses the battle and is captured, then you will see him languish.

His pride will fade like the paint on an old painting.

His gaze will be like a flickering candle.

He will lower his head….!!!!

In the eyes of others his soul will have departed.

A wolf in a cage cannot live long enough.

A wolf, however, will always hide within him a last ray of hope.

Ready to grab her at the first opportunity.

A wolf hopes until his last second to die free somewhere quiet and beautiful.

A wolf never bends…Only in the eyes of outsiders.

A wolf must die free and alone.

And if the bonds are not broken until the end, there is always “after the end”.

And after the end the wolf will be free…


Life and time are the two great teachers of this world.

Life teaches us to make good use of time in our never-ending quest to discover the Life-Giving Source within us, while time teaches us the priceless value of Life.

Ifigenia Metochi , Limassol ,Cyprus (1974) She graduated her High School Certificate at “Peter and Paul Lyceum” (Division of Classical Studies). She received a Diploma in Jewellery (Silver-and-Gold Design and Creation) in Athens,  Greece. Metochi is a self-taught painter; illustrates and designs covers of books. In 1988 she was awarded by the “Seul Olympic Arts Festival” with “The World School Children’s Art Exhibition”.She talks fluently French, English and Spanish. She started writing poetry since she was young. She adores the sea, which since then remains the source of her inspiration in writing and art.

Metochi was Treasurer of the Limassol Litterateur Society “Vasillis Michaelides” since the establishment of the 2003. From 2020 is the General Secretary of the Limassol Litterateur Society “Vasillis Michaelides”. While with the Society of Writers of Limassol “Vassilis Michaelidis”  they published the magazine “Anerada” where Ifigenia Metochi is part of the editorial board of the Magazine “Anerada” which published in Limassol and distributed all over the world. In addition, she has been elected as Vice-president of the International Association for Hunger and Founding Member of the Limassol Association of Music and Poetic Arts “Mousagetis Apollo”.

She is also Member of the Coordinating Team for Cultural Activities of Limassol, Member of the PEN (Greece Chapter), Member of the Intellectual Group of Limassol, of the National Society of Greek Writers of Cyprus,  Member of the Spiritual Cycle of Limassol, Member of ΕΠΟΚ, recently she became Member of the Hellenic Cyprus Cultural Association (ΣΠΕΚ).She is also Member of the Writers Capital International Foundation, Member of Writers’ Union and Selected Editor in Cyprus for Anthology of Poems (A book of poems of Writers across the Globe) by Chief Editor Matin Bangali.Writers’ Union with Chief Editor Matin Bangali offered her cooperation to be Member – Secretary of Amaravati Poetry Festival 2022 in Dhaka.Ambassador of Cyprus for the Poetry, Language of the Soul (P.L.O.T.S) – the Creatives Magazine.Also, Poetry and Literature World Vision, been nominated and chosen her to be Cyprus Program Secretary

Some of her poems, short stories and articles have been awarded in Literature Contests in Greece as well as in a wider region, translated and published in different languages and have been included in Anthologies and published in literature Magazines.

She is a Lyricist. ( writes lyrics, which have been set to music by her daughter, who is a musician, and who sings them). Some have also been uploaded to YouTube. Now they are preparing to release it on CD.

In 2003 she published her Selection of Poems titled “Adolescent thoughts”, in 2008 her Selection of Short Stories titled “Of the Sea and the Sun” and in 2021 her stories on memory and tradition, “Painting touches of sea

(curator)-Mbizo Chirasha is an African Writing Associate Contributor  to  The Evergreen Review( USA), ihraf publishes, USA. Poetry London , UK. Oxford School of Poetry, Blackwell Pamphlet of  Poetry ,UK. Monk Arts and Soul Magazine, UK. Bezine.Com, USA.FemAsia, UK. Aloka Magazine,UK.Demer Press, Netherlands , WorldPoetry Almanac, Mongolia, StreetVoices( bilingual digital collection), Germany, Gramnet blog , SCOTLAND, WordCitylit, Canada,, SLOVENIA,DiogenPlus,TURKEY Atunis Galakatika, BELGIUM.Chirasha is the author of A Letter to the President, Pilgrims of Zame , Co-author of Whispering Woes of Ganges and Zambezi. Editor of Secomd Name of the earth is Peace( WorldBeyond War,USA), Editor of Voices of Africa, a call for freedom (ihraf books,USA), Co-editor of Corpses of Unity( Framce and Cameroon).He is the founder/curator of his projects, Time of the Poet Republic ,Writing Ukraine Prize,,AfricanWilliamBlake , Womaword literary press, PamWriters Caravan and Brave Voices Poetry Journal.Mbizo was the 2019 Ihraf African Fellow, 2020 Writer/Poet Guest for Uniersity of  Glasgow Creative Writing Programme, Visiting Poet to Medellin International Poetry Festival, Resident Curator of all Africa 100 thousand Poets for Change-global. 2020 Free-Speech Fellow ,PEN Germany Writers in Exile Program, 2020 poet in residence of the Fictional Café ,USA,2019 Producer ,Live literature Hub at Sotambe Film Festival, Zambia,2009 Poet in Residence , ICACD ,Ghana, 2007 Tribute to Kofi-Anann, United Nations Poet,2003 100best books of Africa Zimbabwean Delegate to Goteborg Book Fair, Sweden, Mbizo Chirasha works  as anthologist , writivism Projects Curator, literary arts activism diplomatie, AfricanWriting Associate ,Arts for HumanRights/Free-Speech  Fellow, Visiting Writer,Poet in Residence ,Jury Member,Festival Poet and WebContent Curator.Chirasha is a UNESCO-Rila Affiliate Artist withUniversity of Glasgow , School of education,scotland

efigenia metochi at a dub poetry session


3 thoughts on “limassol poet/writer Ifigenia Metochi  inscribes her love epistles on african -rock faces”

  1. My dear Mbizo WaChirasha, I really thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful article you dedicated to me! It is an honor to have met you and even more so for the partnership we are starting! I really believe in what I do, that’s why I gave this specific title to our Group: “Poetry Unites Nations and People”.
    My wish for a good start to our great Cultural Journey!
    Together we rise as you said!!!!

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    1. Thank you first for the Voices of Africa solidarity contribution . Thank you again for accepting my invitation to be featured here. It tells us and all that literary/arts/writivism/literatures are borderless. This article celebrates the beginning of our writivism-border-border international artistic journey.Together We Rise,


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