Kenyan writer Abdallah adapts her Masai Mara life-experiences  into a satire/metaphor concocted poetic letter bomb

Your verses crack a whip of suspense in   precision-famished poetic mental pastures. Your poems are literary gems golden rimmed by   mind -tilting suspense, wit, sense of belonging, embrace/love of homeland/motherland, cultural patriotism (ubuntu). These wittingly stubbed poetic nuggets are an identity birth-mark to an African/Kenyan poetess rising to the podium clutching unto her black/red clay Masai-mara palms, some blood-rippling -mind nagging epistles of belonging, dreams of her ancestors and love letters to her homeland/father/grandmother. Cynthia Abdallah adapts her trailblazing childhood/life experiences in Masai -Mara into a satire/metaphor concocted letter bomb ready to explode /shake the global literary scene.  The nuggets /gems exhibited here are a drop in the ocean of a forthcoming, nerve-blasting collection by the Kenyan author /poet/artist/writer/filmmaker/educationist Cynthia Abdallah–   mbizo chirasha(curator)

My Father

My father used to hold his Maasai whip in a tight grip,

His scathing eyes scaring our little souls into unwavering obedience.

He kept his arms close to his chest

And spoke with an extended finger

His head tilted slightly to his left

His shoulders rocking from side to side

He worked days and sometimes nights,

And every so often brought home a small package in his hands

A simple grin plastered on his serious face.

35 years on and my father now smiles with his eyes

His once youthful face a haven of wrinkles

His intimidating demeanour replaced by a tiny shell

He hugs us when we arrive after months

And sometimes years of being away and tells us stories of his life in Turbo,

And his usual daily chores of cow keeping.

He makes us feel at home and laughs when we tell

Of our journeys around the world

His sharp eyes now teary and proud

Although he still holds his arms across his chest

And speaks with an extended finger

His head tilted slightly to his left

His shoulders rocking from side to side.


Of plain grass lands,

grazing zebras and thick bushes

Of Maasai morans,

cattle herds and gushing winds

Sand beneath their feet

Thatched roofs peek from above the thicket fences

Birds fly about on leaves leaving their droppings on them

Women gossip in the glistening sun as they till the hard ground.

The Little Birds Did not Come

For the cold wind blew Trees swayed

Rain fell

Soaking the millet grain

The little birds did not come

For grey clouds

Loud thunder Made it too wet

For them to fly and perch

Beyond the hills

A cold breeze blows east swaying trees calming the hot air

Children giggle as they collect dry corn stalks for firewood

As Caterpillars crawl up thin twigs of mango trees

Cynthia Abdallah is a Kenyan author, poet and filmmaker.
Her work has appeared in numerous online magazines and in print.
Poems: in The Tokyo Poetry Journal-Japan, Kwani Uchaguzi edition 8-Kenya, Ake review, Quailbell Magazine-USA, Bodies, and Scars anthology by Ghana Literary Journal.
Short stories: Kalahari Review-Kenya, Nalubaale Review -Uganda, Active Muse-India, IHRAF, Women narratives on power USA, 2021.

Mbizo Chirasha(curator is an African Writing Associate Contributor  to  The Evergreen Review( USA), ihraf publishes, USA. Poetry London , UK. Oxford School of Poetry, Blackwell Pamphlet of  Poetry ,UK. Monk Arts and Soul Magazine, UK. Bezine.Com, USA.FemAsia, UK. Aloka Magazine,UK.Demer Press, Netherlands , WorldPoetry Almanac, Mongolia, StreetVoices( bilingual digital collection), Germany, Gramnet blog , SCOTLAND, WordCitylit, Canada,, SLOVENIA,DiogenPlus,TURKEY Atunis Galakatika, BELGIUM.Chirasha is the author of A Letter to the President, Pilgrims of Zame , Co-author of Whispering Woes of Ganges and Zambezi. Editor of Secomd Name of the earth is Peace( WorldBeyond War,USA), Editor of Voices of Africa, a call for freedom (ihraf books,USA), Co-editor of Corpses of Unity( Framce and Cameroon).He is the founder/curator of his projects, Time of the Poet Republic ,Writing Ukraine Prize,,AfricanWilliamBlake , Womaword literary press, PamWriters Caravan and Brave Voices Poetry Journal.Mbizo was the 2019 Ihraf African Fellow, 2020 Writer/Poet Guest for Uniersity of  Glasgow Creative Writing Programme, Visiting Poet to Medellin International Poetry Festival, Resident Curator of all Africa 100 thousand Poets for Change-global. 2020 Free-Speech Fellow ,PEN Germany Writers in Exile Program, 2020 poet in residence of the Fictional Café ,USA,2019 Producer ,Live literature Hub at Sotambe Film Festival, Zambia,2009 Poet in Residence , ICACD ,Ghana, 2007 Tribute to Kofi-Anann, United Nations Poet,2003 100best books of Africa Zimbabwean Delegate to Goteborg Book Fair, Sweden,


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