Zimbabwean author/singer/artist lingiwe patience gumbo pens   heart-nudging /nerve-cuddling -erotic poetry

Poet/writer  lingiwe dares us with some-what emotion packed – erotic verses. This instalment is refreshing as each verse/stanza ripples the blood, nudges the heart and stubbornly blows the psychical tendrils of the reader- remember love is stubborn as it is human and as well African. Such is love is poetic Love is one among the top hottest subject matters in Africa and most beyond. The poems in here are nuggets of tenderness, literary simplicity though stubbornly erotic. Reading through wittingly crafted nuggets, you are then exorcised from demons of political-protest writing, repented from consciousness streams of underground poetics of resistance. You are invited/welcomed to the harmonious podium of tenderness, love, emotional comfort, to the galaxy of petals of roses, sweet-sweet red wine and nerve-soothing poetic cuddling. When your psyche/heart/soul are manicured by tender scissors of romance – and sure pain is eased, moments of madness are erased- this is a fascinating /emotionally and love packed profile-feature instalment of one granddaughter of Africa, daughter of Zimbabwe, published author, anthologized poet, singer of acclaim, magazine anchor and artist – Lingiwe Patience Gumbo– (mbizo chirasha/curator)

Love her

Love her now

Before you lose her

Closing you out of her heart

You may think you have conquered her fire

You just managed to blow out her passion 

Love her well

Before she drowns

Into her dreams

Seemingly stronger but finding strength without you 

Love her hard

Before she falls in love with someone else

Who will love her inside and out?

And forget you ever existed 

Love her always attentively

Appreciatively and affectionately

Because you will always have her body

Mind and soul

If you love her as much as you say

Touching hearts

I don’t want to touch your body

Although I do want to tickle your senses

Neither do I want to touch your mind

But change your mindset I must

My main target is your heart

If I can break it to mend it let me

If I can heal it as I soothe your soul let me

This is my core purpose

Not caress because it has to be for a lifetime

Nor serenade because I’m in it for the long run

But your heart, yes, I want to touch your heart. 


The silky soft voice slowly beckoned me entry. 

I pushed the door slightly,

Only to be followed by a screeching sound from old hinges. 

She lay comfortably on white bed covers,

Clearly uncovering her chocolate brown skin; 

Whose glow shone in darkness  

My bare feet, 

Touched the warm white fitted carpet,

Adorned with rose petals leading straight to where she lay. 

She crawled on all fours- a vicious predator ready for her prey.

I could not hide my excitement, when her lips found mine,

And her warm body gently slipped into mine. 

She was the epitome of beauty, 

The template by which womankind was forged. 

She held me tight and stroke me gently.

I easily joined her in motion,

Until she hysterically began to laugh and laugh. 

I was glad she was happy- mission accomplished.

The next appointment was still hazy.

It was for her to know and for me to find out. 


Lingiwe “Miss Patience” Gumbo is a Zimbabwean multi-talented creative; a versatile singer-songwriter and vocalist, poet and author. Miss Patience is a self-taught voice over artist who is passionate about identifying, nurturing and showcasing talent within the community and the world over. Her poems anthology Words of Life is the first of many publications to come. She pours her heart to Humanitarian activities where she volunteers and devotes her time, resources and strength in working with orphan and vulnerable children in the community. Miss Patience is conscious about the environment, the effects of gender-based violence as well as drug and substance abuse and through her poetry and music advocates for these. She is inspired by nature, love, her faith in God and life experiences.  Her main goal in life is to inspire, encourage and soothe the soul.

Mbizo Chirasha is the chief -caravanist at Pan-WritersCaravan. head of content at AfricanWilliamBlake.publisher of Time of the Poet Republic, founder at Womaword literary Press. curator/editor of Voices of Africa: A Call for freedom (ihraf.org).co-editor of Corpses of Unity anthology with Kenneth Toa Nsah of Cameroon in solidarity with civil victims of Cameroon. project curator/co-editor of Second Name of Earth is Peace(worldbeyondwar.org) with David Swanson. co-editor of the bilingual German/English digital anthology Street Voices with Andreas Weiland.african contributor to Demer press international poetry anthology series with Hannie RouwelerWorld Poetry Almanac poetry series with Hadaa Sendo of Mongolia.essayist, poet and panafrican editor and african writivism laureate at ihraf publishes with Thomas Block. live literature hub /word fiesta producer at Sotambe Film and Arts Festival 2019. resident coordinator of All of Africa 100 Thousand for peace- global with Michael Rothenberg. African Writing Associate with Jamie dedes.com, A poet a day, the bezine.com with poetry chef Michael Dickel. Oxford School of poetry/Blackwell Pamphlet of poetry with Kirsten Norrie Contributing essayist to Monk Arts and Soul Magazine with Sophie levy Burton. poet in residence of the Fictional Café, an American but pan international writers’ space with Jack.B. Rochester. initiating the Canadian international journal to promote literary diversity, dialogue among civilizations WordCitylit journal Darcie Friesen Hossack

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