Living Art Cafe guest digital exhibition of Israelis maestro Zehava Neter.

. My art expresses the journey of my life in the different periods, so the color and nature of the paintings expresses the feelings and emotions in the different periods. Recently I was drawn to a fascinating journey of painting that combines abstract and realism in one format where the visualizations, the line and the stain of color create and describe a new world, another in the spirit of the times, in the shadow of the corona virus, a world filled with images, happenings, feelings of fear, optimism and uncertainty. Website :


Youthful Pakistan Poet Syeda Anila Talib, your verses are not just poetry but your spiritual- cultural -ideological message to the spirits of the land, the gods and your people

Syeda Anila Talib   ,  your poetic supplications are blood rippling  as well as mind-thudding. These literary verses are an emotional epistle of love, glory, the mystery of life to the gods of your land. Talib, you are devoted chronicler of peace with passionate poetry that carries the hope of the land like grandmas -clay pot sweating with warm water to wash the sins of the earth, your heart is like a mighty ocean holding together the strings of spirituality, the dreams of the land, the glory of peace and the light of your people. This is not just poetry, it is a spiritual-revolutionary message to the spirits of the land, the gods and your people. These ideological spiritual versifications are a signal for your traversing into literary global podium -the journey to stardom is not far though it requires more and more tenacity, dedication and the requisite discipline- keep up the literary prowess and the poetic dexterity. Send my deep belly bottom love and my heart greetings to the griots and people of the land of Pakistan- (curator, mbizo chirasha

Kirinyaga griot Nettabella Rachael Simiyu, your verses are the revolutionary manifesto of protest poetry

Nettabella Rachael Simiyu, is a renown Kenyan writer, a blogger, a novelist and a published poet. She currently resides in Ethiopia- Addis Ababa. She holds a Bachelor degree in Education, in English Literature and Linguistics and is currently studying French at Alliance Française in Ethiopia. She is a teacher by profession, that has passion in Arts, and particularly biased on the rights of humans. In 2020, Nettabella won the Igby Essay Writers Award- Non-Fiction Category with the Magazine. She was also longlisted in the African Writers Awards for her short story ‘Wakini’s New Home’- under the Children’s Story Awards. As a writer, Nettabella has published two anthologies of poems- ‘Peregrination to the Land of Liberty’ and ‘Nakupenda and other poems from the Bosom of Africa’ in . She has also published a novelette ‘Rebirth’ in Amazon.

Israelis literary maverick Calif anchored the digital -arts cafe conversations with AfricanWilliamBlake

The wide-ranging article was published in the online magazine-"bkivon hroah " Magazine for the culture of literature and poetry, whose founder is the writer, poet, Reuven Shabat, who is also the owner of the publishing house Argaman Meitav. Poet Iris Cliff - writer and poet, dancer, translator and editor of poetry responsible for the field… Continue reading Israelis literary maverick Calif anchored the digital -arts cafe conversations with AfricanWilliamBlake

Israelis griot Yehudit Malik-Shiran,I enjoyed your adrenalin skidding three -course literati dinner

Your belly bottom songs are like wings of storm picking up from the rivers between mountains and rise up unto mountain peaks until beyond those mystic-mysterious mountains. You tell stories of home with that linguistically prowess and unrestrained verbal bravado. Your songs are strings of emotion inscribed unto the veins of our hearts with that simplicity that carry the smoothening depth, depth that does not break but changes the way our hearts beat and mental jive rhythms of our thoughts. You leave our feelings skidding like a rocked seat, you make our minds grope to see the universe- outside of mental caves. And our hearts continue to yell for more and more verses. Dear artist, your collective message is a multi-genre life poster written from a heart-beat that learnt about multi-tasking and sang unto podiums of diversity from its tender-times till this day. Through your song lyrics- I have learnt to master the art of suspense, love, hope, belief and depth – may be do we call that meditation or something more than that, for me everything of your verse is a prayer line. It carries sweet beads of tears, the sense of belonging, the mark of birthright, the beauty and the mystery of nature and life, the hope of light and the touch of spiritual realms- Some readers might see your writings as simple as they are but it’s a mammoth gig to dig into them inside out. My creative taste buds are rising up. Its great meeting you our prolific artist, accomplished educationist and great Israelis griot Yehudit Malik-Shiran

Guest journal exhibition of Taint Taint Taint Magazine founded/published by iconic American poet / multi-award winning writer  Jefferey Allen

Taint Taint Taint is currently a bi-annual online magazine. We publish new and established voices in fiction, non-fiction, poetry, multimedia and photography. Please review our mission statement prior to submitting works. Submissions are accepted via Submittable. We will only consider work that has not been previously published in print or online. Authors must notify editors if submitted works have been accepted at another publication via email at By submitting your work, you acknowledge that we are being granted First World Online Rights in the English Language exclusively prior to and up to six months after publication.

Pan -African writivism laureate Mbizo Chirasha collaborates with acclaimed poetry professor Anthony Francis Ramstetter, Jr. 

Our themes for our literary arts anthology, titled African Literary Arts: One Contemporaneous Anthology Celebrating the Global Diaspora (including African culture & society but not limited from circumAtlantic transpositions of United States Africa & African America/African Haiti & Dominica, African England & Eastern Europe as well as African Asia, etc.) are celebratory, variegated, ubiquitous, and unifying of Africa: spanning the beauty of African sex & sexualities, food & cuisine, rivers & mountains, rituals & dialects, tribes & politics, spirituality & morality. This multi-genre collection, numbering tentatively 350-450 pages in length, will include prosodies of hybrid narratives & short story, memoirs & personal essays, poetry, artwork and several other literary keepsakes, nuggets and gemstones.

 Cyprus born-raised/England based prolific  poet Soulla Orfanidou  pays homage to her birth-land /nature /time

Dear writer/poet Soulla Orfanidou, your deeply thought but stubbed verses split the readers brains. The short/ pint-sized set of poems carry a message, a wonder voice dedicated to the land of her people, to the beauty of her earth, to the daily struggles, dreams of the poet and hopes of her people. This real poetry inscribes the signatures of writer’s culture/traditions unto our mental cave walls. We all are in the know that writers/poets are griots of their countries and singers of their morality. They are both the mirrors and prophets of their birth-land. The suspense-filled poetry pays homage to seas/shores/ nature and time. Pan-Writers Caravan continues to embrace voices from Africa and abroad. This is a wonderful exhibition of Cyprus born /raised poet Soulla Orfanidou and we are publishing her instalment in both English and her home land language (Cyprus)-(mbizochirasha)

Israelis-poet Iris Calif ,the voice of the daughter of God

Daughter of God, Iris Cliff, Songs, Chambers Publishing (2020). The book has an opening with five poems that are a direct address to God and four chapters to the book: the first chapter: "A selfish woman in the kingdom of your children", the second chapter "Bat Haim", the third chapter "God's flower in my garden" and the fourth chapter "And with a voice from the soul" And who are you, daughter of God? I have to do it. )." When the night leads his eyes, I bless" (p. 11). And I want to bring the voice of the daughter of God here. A voice of creation, a voice of many waters, a voice of prophetic singing.The multitude of voices brought here in a unique language of the holy language and Kabbalah testify that she was chosen to speak. She is in our world on a mission from above. And there is in her songs a linguistic combination that is rare in its beauty, singular and bright, shaking and hidden.

Aspen Words is an acclaimed literary podium : Emerging as a major -player in cultivating writing talents and raising them from creative trenches to stardom.

Aspen Words has grown into an international creative podium since its inception four decades ago. It then planted the succulent literary tree, picked the seeds in their abundance, grown them again into resilient literary thickets and dedicated time to cultivate more talent from across cultures . Aspen Words boast of a wonderment of literary/creative/artistic prowess and an amazing events calendar and program of activities that include Writers in Schools, Writers in Residence, Winter Words, Aspen Summer Words and The Annual Literary Prize. It has continued to mould, shape and carve creativity of both emerging writers and established writers through literary-character development fellowships and through Aspen Words the world is harvesting prolific writers of the stardom league, the list endless. The organisation staff is headed by multi-creative/talent/multi-faceted artist/writer/creator Adrienne Brodeur. The role of this blog instalment is to inform the literary scapes and creative communities about Aspen Words and its mammoth work- (blurb by mbizo chirasha)