Youthful Pakistan Poet Syeda Anila Talib, your verses are not just poetry but your spiritual- cultural -ideological message to the spirits of the land, the gods and your people

Syeda Anila Talib   ,  your poetic supplications are blood rippling  as well as mind-thudding. These literary verses are an emotional epistle of love, glory, the mystery of life to the gods of your land. Talib, you are devoted chronicler of peace with passionate poetry that carries the hope of the land like grandmas -clay pot sweating with warm water to wash the sins of the earth, your heart is like a mighty ocean holding together the strings of spirituality, the dreams of the land, the glory of peace and the light of your people. This is not just poetry, it is a spiritual-revolutionary message to the spirits of the land, the gods and your people. These ideological spiritual versifications are a signal for your traversing into literary global podium -the journey to stardom is not far though it requires more and more tenacity, dedication and the requisite discipline- keep up the literary prowess and the poetic dexterity. Send my deep belly bottom love and my heart greetings to the griots and people of the land of Pakistan- (curator, mbizo chirasha


Kirinyaga griot Nettabella Rachael Simiyu, your verses are the revolutionary manifesto of protest poetry

Nettabella Rachael Simiyu, is a renown Kenyan writer, a blogger, a novelist and a published poet. She currently resides in Ethiopia- Addis Ababa. She holds a Bachelor degree in Education, in English Literature and Linguistics and is currently studying French at Alliance Française in Ethiopia. She is a teacher by profession, that has passion in Arts, and particularly biased on the rights of humans. In 2020, Nettabella won the Igby Essay Writers Award- Non-Fiction Category with the Magazine. She was also longlisted in the African Writers Awards for her short story ‘Wakini’s New Home’- under the Children’s Story Awards. As a writer, Nettabella has published two anthologies of poems- ‘Peregrination to the Land of Liberty’ and ‘Nakupenda and other poems from the Bosom of Africa’ in . She has also published a novelette ‘Rebirth’ in Amazon.

Zimbabwean Protest Poet Chigunda pens teeth-gritting /heart-tilting political imagery

Blessing S. Chigunda is a powerful but scarcely heard Zimbabwean poetic voice. The rising protest poet is slowly gaining his ground for exploring on thorny matters of political decadence, social/moral decay and economic inequality. His poetry songs are teeth gritting to the political zealots/ national establishment. The revolutionary voice in young Chigunda sings of the cancer of corruption gnashing the bone and marrow of the country as the peripheral populace is eating rough and drinking touch downtown and downstream. Poverty is the school and hunger are the school uniform, despair becomes the school shoe. Inside out of this poetic instalment Chigunda does not waste time singing hope but the poet-griot is pessimistic about everything. He is not content with the political power matrix of his country and freedom slogans sung since the dawn of independence. He wants to see more freedom lights, He writes - heart- roughening sand paper paradox, politically vulgar imagery and nausea arousing metaphor, his verses are tight bottlenecks when popped they spew fizzy smoke and bile -bitterness-(Curator-MbizoChirasha)

ShamwariYemwanasikana embarks on publishing Girlchild Nuggets of the present and Gemstones of the Future book anthology series: Unlocking girlchild-creativity and writing skills through poetry/short essays/testimonials

Girl Child- Nuggets of Present and Gemstones of the Future is a new stage/podium of young girls to tell, write and speak out their stories, renditions, situations, trials, tribulations, triumphs, disparities and realities and then read/experience them in book anthology formulae as a way of communicating messages to their peers   and educating communities on the quest  to empowering the girlchild. This book collection also depict/exhibit the resilience and the determination of those organisations like ShamwariYemwanasikana who deal with fight for, protect, empower and defend the rights of the girlchild through various progressive activities in societies that dipped in decadence, dented by stereotype and violence. Life is a musical journey, it has to recorded for the benefit of both the present and future generations, hence creating, curating and publishing the forthcoming book under the banner of ShamwariYemwanasikana book anthology/story series. Soon the organisation will be opening a publishing/book press section to amplify the voices of young girls through words, literatures and other readable matter,

Caravan Chef talks to poetically dynamic Cathleen Davies as they   eat metaphor/irony-calcium rich strawberries from aloka magazine forest

Cathleen Davies, your poetic- organically simplified verses are bitter-chocolate mousse to architects of political discord, you are not a literary dissident but you are pen warrior with your ink fumigating   economic parasites and corruption maggots tearing apart /rotting the fabrics of sanity as the decay the freedoms / hope of nations. They use propaganda masquerade and slogan pontifications to kill promising nations and bury promising generations. The future is blotted with pain, the present is studded with controversy as crooked political grandstanding takes center-stage. Your poetry DNA plaque is carved with uncontested vivid -imagery rimmed revolutionary message – you are a revolutionary literary acumen/doyen carrying the rags of your cultural ideology in your creative back-pack with poetic patriotic zeal. Your poetry is protesting, patriotic and revolutionary. You remain the mirror of your society. It is fascinating to eat metaphoric-calcium-iron rich berries with you Cathleen Davies, head of content at Aloka Magazine. The Caravan is honored to feature the summarized profile of the prolific aloka magazine and the outstanding creative errands you partake with your artistic camaraderie Ellie (LI Ying):  - blessings (curator mbizo chirasha)

great poet/author Sayeeda Sharmin, yours are heart pinching nostalgic/ militant-tear stencilled poetic  verses shining with the glint of dawn

Sayeeda Sharmin,  your chest -tightening verses are  heart- pinching memoirs , militant letters of nostalgia , the poetic stencilled verses carry scars  of your life-grinding(painful)  past  , a history blotted with pain , sadness , despair and misery- your heart is an ocean bursting with tears held for too long -  for many years, it explodes of gasps  and burdens of loss – loss of the beloved , maybe through natural death/ warpath /battlefront or the other- your poetry is a disco-graph of  sorrow of skull-raving songs  sung in verse by a militant griot that survived tragical episodes of threat  and a brave voices that passed through  blood star-studded  corridors of death. It is a militant voice of profound reason. Yours are sad epistles glowing  with a glint of hope, dawn is slowly jiving into sunlit morning – freedom is coming- (curator mbizo chirasha)

dynamic Ugandan author awadifo kili writes an intriguing hybrid narrative ‘Stains on a Cowrie Shell’

Today , I am not reviewing this most powerful hybrid narrative collection . This pan-writers installation is a display/exhibition of this intriguing narrative by our rising Ugandan poet/writer/human rights/girlchild activist Awadifo Olga Kili . She has written a lot of poetry /essays and stories and is published around the world. Her writings have received raving reviews , scintillating commentary and global readership. Stains on a Cowrie Shell is an intriguing read-(mbizo chirasha curator).

Dawn Songs from Kirinyaga Anthills.

KENYA: THE LAND OF CONTRAST AND AMAZING LANDSCAPES. Besides the varied terrain of coastal white beaches and fresh lake bodies as well as major Rivers, Kenya too, boasts of high mountains, sprawling Savannah lands teeming with wild life galore. Dry zones close to deserts are an added variety to the blessedness of the land. Its peoples are as unusual as their terrain. Hosting Forty-two tribes all royal to their tongue and cultural inclination, mild jest is the bane of jokes that unite and divide the people. Of note however is the spirit of resilience and the spirit of Harambee that unites the population whenever eternal or external wrangles threaten to rip the fabric of this society as has happened during the war of independence, during and after the coup of '82, during the clamor for multiparty democracy and worse during the post-election violence that saw the Nation at the brink of collapse in 2007. Still, sanity prevailed though with outside help in the negotiations that followed the power sharing government. That Kenyans are a hardworking people is a fact regardless of whatever regime is in Power or weather. There is a reading culture in Kenya that has seen quite a number of public and private publishing houses doing business in the land. Quite a number of reputable authors are household names in the literally world such as Ngugi Wa-Thìongo, him of the River Between fame and many others. The last twenty, or more years seems like Kenya concentrated on writing school texts and not other literature's for leisure. This scenario is changing now with many young people engaging in the writing craft. Of note is the re-emergence of poetry writing and recitations that are quite in Vogue now. If writing is the mouthpiece of social passage of time and chroniclers of events and incidents of a people's life, then Kenyans need to reawaken to their responsibility of doing this battle as diligently as the writers of the past who wrote against social political vices that seems to slowly be creeping back. Social media daily commentary's is not enough. Writing goes to capture the truth and store it to reflect on and comparisons for the future generations. To not do so, is to let down the gift that writing is to an individual on behalf of his community -(Commentary by  NANCY NDEKE- Multi-genre Writer and Writers Clinic Consultant)

Brave Zimbabwean Poet Kayeruza pens bold verses on moral decadence in townships.

Tendai Kayeruza is a creatively spirited Zimbabwe rising Poet.  His verses   are direct, bold and well knitted from the opening line to the thread of every poem. His verses speak into the face of a society thus plunging into dungeons of decadence due choking whiffs of poverty, human sufferance and neglect. Bizarre incidents of ghetto lifestyles, illicit drug use, sex-vending and folly are projected clearly in many of his poems.  The poet is more of a chronicler, a keen observer of his people, their deeds and their lifestyles. He is not hesitant to spit his truth/poetry into the hard-unrepentant apparitions of corruption and furthermore his real poetry interrogates family unity, societal unity and human tolerance towards other humans.  Kayeruza is fast cultivating himself to artistic prominence. AFRICA WRITERS CARAVAN seeks to expose rising and established writing talent and Africa from the great land of Madzimbabwe up until to the ancient pyramids of Egypt. We owe Africa, literary consciousness and the promise to rise revolutionary voices that continue to speak truth about Africa, truth to African leadership and the truth to the African Question. Today we feature one young but great voice from the motherland Zimbabwe, Poet Tendai Kayeruza.

Acts of Afrikan griots – Awadifo, Khoti and Ndeke with their new Poetry Beverages….

Dear WORLD Poets, Writers, Supporters, Comrades, readers and all. Today myself as a descendant   of griots, my father was poet -storyteller -griot and as I later graduated into a griot and later into a literary arts project’s curator and a Chronicler. I present to you Acts of Afrikan griots, acts of the Poetry Tigress Nancy… Continue reading Acts of Afrikan griots – Awadifo, Khoti and Ndeke with their new Poetry Beverages….